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This is THE private community to accelerate your growth to greatness as a Real Estate investor. We have guests regularly come on and share specific lessons proven to change your business and your life. We go deep on mastering wholesaling, auctions and fixing and flipping homes.

Now it’s time to immerse yourself into my world of Real Estate using this niche strategy by playing Real Estate match maker. I can help you get your first deal within the next 30 days or less with the right specialized knowledge that I teach.

Know this… You don’t have to be a Real Estate professional to be selected. Truth is, I don’t really care what your experience level is or how much you have in your bank account. I just need someone who is willing to be teachable and follow my directions step-by-step.

Selwyn Gills

“I worked in a railroad for 23 years until I had carpal tunnel surgery that left me unable to work. I have been living on disability for the last 10 years before I met Antonio Edwards and he asked me to come to his event. I was skeptical at first but Antonio’s system didn’t fail me. In just 12 days from taking action and starting his system, I made a whopping $19,216.68! Thanks Antonio!“

Selwyn Gills
R.J. Paradee

“My name is RJ Paradee. I’ve been an entrepreneur for countless years now and working with Antonio and his team was my first venture into flipping houses. I joined Antonio’s training and experiment as a way of broadening my horizons as a businessman. I was really surprised at how easy it was to implement Antonio’s system after taking action. In fact, within 19 days of implementing it, I made $6,000 right away. And guess what happened the following month?! I closed another $20,000 deal… all without owning the property or without needing a real estate license!“

R.J. Paradee
Andy Lighter

“ Hi my name is Andy Lighter and next to me is one out of two of my sons. I made $828 in 17 days on my first deal with Antonio and using his strategies. I know $828 may not seem like alot of money to you, but when you spend thousand of dollars on gurus courses over the past few years and get no results, $828 in 17 days with no money out of pocket was a BIG DEAL for me. I now know the art of flipping properties thanks to Antonio and his team and now averaging one deal a month. Me and Antonio now currently partner on deals and he’s changed my financial life! Antonio thanks so much man!!! “

Andy Lighter

Secret to Flipping Houses With No Money


The Secret to Flipping Houses With No Money offers real-world lessons on how to find and flip properties in your market even if you have bad credit, no money, little to no experience, and no license.

House Flipper Membership Academy


There are many reasons to join the House Flipper Academy. The only one that really matters is you get everything you need to run your entire business and you have a mentor behind you dedicated to helping you reach all your goals.